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Affiliated to the CBSE New Delhi (Affiliation No. 830188) Cambridge School Mangaluru caters to diverse capabilities of individual students with an emphasis on teaching students to think for themselves, evolving their own creative solutions while drawing upon the experience of teachers. At par with the global standards, each classroom here maintains less that 20:1 student’s teacher ratio, ensuring personalized attention. Students also have the advantages of constant access to teachers. Here excellence is valued and each academically gifted students is chiselled to measure up to their full potential.

We aim to ensure that our teaching is child centered and that all our pupils make the most of their academic abilities. Through a regimen of excellent teaching, a pursuit of wide variety of co- curricular activities both on and off the field, students are encouraged to aim as examinations. With a maximum of 30 students in each class, there is a close relationship between the staff and the students.

Structured and supervised private study is a necessary part of successful education. At present, the school offers education from classes Jr. K.G to Grade X under the CBSE stream. Admissions are restricted till Grade IX.

The school’s distinctive character is reflected in its committed staff of teachers, coordinators, supervisors and other staff.

With most of the teachers involved in a wide variety of extra and co-curricular activities they develop a warm and friendly relationship with the students.

Individual attention to students, through small groups encourage knowledge acquisition, research discovery, invention and adventure and it helps student to achieve a well integrated personality by imparting training in :

1. Leadership
2. Excellent communication skills
3. Proactive problem solving skills
4. Team work
5. Human qualities
6. self confidence
7. Respect for oneself and each other.